Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Western A Day: Your Suggestions?

O.k. folks, this is it. Yup, I'm intent upon watching one Western movie per day, that's 365 titles, so I'm gonna need your kind help! Here's the deal...

I've got a DVR and I subscribe to the Western's Channel and AMC, but not Turner. I am also going to purchase a Netflix account. Soooo, what I need from you are 365 Western titles, which I have not seen. I will then post my reviews on each. The goal, of course, is to see 365 great Westerns in one year's time. And I will begin on May 1, 2009.

1. Post your suggestion in the Comments Section of MY LATEST blog entry. Make sure that you provide the reason I should watch it and, please, make 'em good movies, eh?! Each day, I will look at the Comments, from my last blog, and sort out the suggested new movies from the general comments that you might have made about my review of a particular movie.

2. It will be helpful to me if you PREFACE your post with the TITLE of the next suggested Western movie that you want me to watch. Also, tell me where I might see the flick, in other words, is it available on television that month or coming up on television? If so, tell me the channel and date\time. Or, if not, tell me that I have to buy or rent it. Any guidance you offer will be appreciated. If, however, you don't have a suggestion, but simply want to remark on my review, PREFACE that post with the words, "Remarks on Your Review." Doing this will make it easier for me to sort through the suggestions and general remarks.

3. I will keep score of every movie I like and I will maintain the tally of who recommended it. The person that provides me the most movies that I enjoy will receive, from me, a gift of gratitude, at the conclusion of the year.

4. If I have already seen the movie that you recommended, I will NOT be able to tell you this, because doing that will take too much of my time. But I will, each week, at least once per week, let you know what movies I intend to watch, that is, that I have added to the 365 list. The sooner the list is built the better.

5. All Westerns are up from grabs, as long as I can find them somewhere, including silent Westerns.

Please, I need your help. Let's do this!

I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Happy Trails...


  1. Great to have another western blog. I'll be visiting daily and later when I update my blog I will link to this one.

  2. I have now posted info about your blog. I'm sure the vistors will come as the blog grows. Best of luck - oh and for a real old western try The Big Trail - but I bet you've seen that one before.

  3. Hi, Richard. Gary posted information about your new blog. I am now "following" your site. I think you might enjoy mine as well if you love old west history. Take a look SOAPY SMITH SOAP BOX, and then I hope you will want to "follow" my blog by clicking the follow link on my site as well.

  4. I would suggest:
    The Big Country(Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston)
    The Big Gundown(Lee Van Cleef)
    Death Rides A Horse(Lee Van Cleef)
    The Five Man Army(Peter Graves and James Daly)

    These are few lesser known that I've come across recently. I found your blog and will be returning regularly, I hope these will help.

  5. I second 'The Big Gundown' - Randy how did you find a copy. Can't find one in UK.

    Another spaghetti western 'Sabata'
    Chuck Connors in 'Ride Beyond Vengeance' - I've done the book (Night of the Tiger) on my blog would love to hear someone else's take on the movie.
    Yul Brynner's 'Invitation To A Gunfighter'

  6. One a day for a year. That's a great idea. I've been pondering to think of any for specific dates like Xmas and Thanksgiving, but can't think of any yet.

  7. Ray, try That's where I found The Big Gundown. The copy is apparently the version shown on TV as it's 89 minutes long as opposed to the 106 minute European or 93 minute American theatrical releases.

  8. On the subject of Sabata, all three are offered as a set on Amazon.

  9. Rio Bravo, Ride the High Country, The Searchers, John Ford's Cavalry Trilogy, The Magnificent Seven. That ought to do for a start.

  10. Bill's mention most of the essential John Wayne movies above - but I'd like to add Red River and Stagecoach.

  11. Bill, I've seen the others you mentioned, but am adding "Ride the High Country," with thanks to you for it!

  12. Great website! I haven't seen as many Westerns as many of you, but regarding the Duke's silver screen appearances, I'm a fan of The Cowboys and The Shootist. Among the more recent additions to the genre, I have to say two of my favorites are Unforgiven and Open Range. Kevin Costner and Robert Duval play great roles in the latter, and of the former...well, who can forget Eastwood's, Freeman's and Hackman's roles in what is both a Western and anti-Western at the same time. My father was a lifelong fan of Westerns and he said his all-time favorite was Lonesome Dove.

  13. S. Mead said...
    Love your site. I'm with you, westerns will never die. Do you just watch movies or do you also read wewsterns? There's a really good one, just published called Return of the Outlaw. By C. M. Curtis
    I couldn't put it down. As good as l'Amour.
    Long live the old west when good was good and bad was bad.

  14. I'm watching Lee Van Cleef as a marshal.

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  16. Rattlesnakes, Ghosts and Murderers: Western Tales of Adventure by Len Francis Monahan