Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adding More to The 365 List. Need More!

Thanks for more suggestions! Thanks to Bill, I've added "Ride the High Country."

There's way more I need, but The 365 List is updated, below. Get the word out, to your friends and contacts, to weigh in with their suggestions. Please post them, from now on, under the CURRENT DAY'S Blog, instead of the original blog post. Also, please remember to provide some reason for suggesting it to me. Thanks, partners!

Happy Trails....

1. The Big Trail
2. The Big Country
3. The Big Gundown
4. Death Rides A Horse
5. The Five Man Army
6. Sabata
7. Invitation To A Gunfighter
8. Ride the High Country

1 comment:

  1. As you've got a few with 'Big' in the title, have you seen 'The Big Trees'? A fairly reasonable moral tale featuring Kirk Douglas. Several DVD releases - try
    Nik/Ross Morton